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Former president Asif Ali Zardari Tuesday came down tough on Imran Khan for criticising army and hurling threats at state officials, mentioning that Imran Khan’s lust for energy was driving him crazy with every passing day

Asif Zardari says Imran Khan’s lust for power driving him ‘crazy’

During a meeting with the provincial ministers of Sindh, he stated that all 4 provinces of the country have been presently confronted with an emergency state of affairs due to rains.

“All of us ought to set politics apart at this time and focal point solely on our flood-hit brothers and sisters. Their stares in 4 provinces are at us,” he pointed out.

“But, at this necessary time in the country, a man’s lust for electricity is using him crazy with every passing day,” he stated whilst actually hinting at former high minister Imran Khan.

This person [Imran Khan] is criticising our military every day whilst the officers and the troopers of the equal military are hostilities terrorists in two provinces and sacrificing their lives,” he pointed out.

“This person [Imran Khan] threatens the army, the police and then a female judge of the judiciary and dares police to arrest him,” he deplored.

“The judiciary has to see if this person is above the law. Can this man or woman carry out extra-judicial vengeful moves against me, Mian Nawaz Sharif, my sister and Maryam Nawaz? And can he himself trample down each and every law?” he questioned.

“The government and the establishments will have to establish their writ; otherwise, the law, Constitution and the institutions will proceed falling prey to the desires of this person,” he stressed.